Are sharks as bad as they are depicted on TV?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Are you among the many people that have a fear of sharks mainly due to their portrayal on today’s television? Then you are among the people who believe everything they see on TV.

In a survey, it was shown that upto 20% of shark shows do not even research about the magnificent creature before they use it as a tool of horror. This obviously has created a misleading image in the majority of the people. To prove the shows wrong, and to rebuild the image of the various species of sharks, Lisa Whiteneck and biologists like her set out to analyse all the episodes of the show “shark show” and found that there have been both positive and negative perspectives associated with sharks, and many were even exaggerated with no scientific proof.

The shows neither captured the real picture of the workers in the field of science associated with sharks as it is biased for featuring researchers who are white males, nor does it successfully inform viewers about the ways they can help save the endangered species.

Sharks will not attack until provoked, and as it stands humans have significantly killed more sharks than the number of people killed by sharks.

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