Sleep friendly lights,OTW

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The blue light from your devices like your mobile and computer screen disrupt, as you may have realised, your sleep schedule by delaying your sleep. This happens as the blue light from the screen sends signals to our brain, which ultimately leads to it thinking that it is daytime instead of night. The wavelength corresponding to the blue light is also present in white light, making it similar to the blue light. These blue lights are present in sunlight and thus the brain is deceived into thinking it is day.

However, a new LED might be a way to tackle this problem, says Jakoah Brgoch. He’s a chemist at the University of Houston. A light emitting diode in the LED chip is responsible for the lights. When phosphorus powder is applied to this chip, the color of the light emitted. This results in the “warmthness” of the light to increase by eliminating the shorter wavelengths, which are blue.

There is always a conflict between reducing the blue light and maintaining the picture quality in the devices we use. Software will allow us to pick between both, however it is not completely effective in emitting blue light.

Brgoch and University of Houston chemist Shruti Hariyani, who works with him, have opted to take help of the costly violet bulbs to resolve the issue at hand. They altered the coating on the chip of the LED by adding europium to the mix of the coating. This created a light of great short length intensity on its own. This phosphorus was not only of quality, but also had great build thus was durable and strong. They then added the mixture to another red and green mixture, which produced white light of significantly less blue rays intensity.

This new invention prevents the suppression of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep. However if you want to sleep on time, there are also other sources of white light that you may need to be careful about, like your lamp.

It may take some time to introduce this to the markets, due to the high costs, but it is a tested product and thus an advancement in science.

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